Brand Kit Developement

Starting from AUD 500
Kickstart your brand's journey with our Startup Essentials package. Tailored for emerging businesses, this tier provides the fundamental elements needed to establish a strong visual identity.
Custom Logo Design (with two revisions)
Basic Color Palette (primary and secondary colors)
Typography Recommendations
Compact Brand Guidelines Document
Ideal for new businesses aiming for a strong market entry.
Starting from AUD 1,500
Elevate your brand with our Professional Branding package. Designed for established businesses, this tier enhances your brand presence with a comprehensive suite of branding materials.
Includes Basic Tier, plus:
Expanded Logo Set (including monochrome and icon versions)
Extended Color Palette
Custom Typography
Brand Voice and Tone Guide
Graphic Elements (custom icons or patterns)
Social Media Starter Kit
Basic Stationery Design (business card and letterhead)
Perfect for businesses ready to enhance their brand and expand their reach.
Starting from AUD 3,500
Transform your brand with our Comprehensive Branding Suite. This premium package offers an all-encompassing range of services for businesses seeking a complete brand overhaul or to establish a commanding presence.
Includes Standard Tier, plus:
Full Brand Guidelines Document
Complete Graphic Elements Kit
Website Template Design
Email Template Design
Basic Packaging Design
Marketing and Advertising Templates
Custom Photography/Imagery Guidelines
Suited for larger businesses or those desiring a full-scale brand identity refinement.
Logo Design
Custom logo creation with variations for different uses (main, secondary, icon).
Brand Guidelines
Comprehensive manual detailing logo usage, color palette, typography, imagery style, and application across various media.
Social Media Template Kits
Customizable templates for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., including post layouts, stories, highlights covers, and profile images.
Email Template Kits
Design templates for newsletters, product launches, and promotional campaigns, compatible with major email marketing platforms.
Lookbook Templates
Layouts for digital and print lookbooks that showcase seasonal collections, including template variations for different themes or product lines.
Packaging Design
Designs for product packaging, including boxes, bags, and protective materials, that reflect the brand's identity and values.
Product Tags and Labels
Custom tags for product branding, care instructions, and sizes, as well as interior labels that are sewn into garments.
Website Design Elements
Templates and UI elements for the brand's e-commerce site, ensuring a consistent user experience that aligns with the brand identity.
Advertising and Promotional Materials
Templates and design elements for online ads, posters, flyers, and POS materials to promote the brand and its collections.
Store and Pop-Up Shop Design Guidelines
Visual merchandising guidelines and design concepts for physical retail spaces to enhance brand experience.
Merchandise and Accessories Design
Design for brand merchandise (e.g., tote bags, caps) and accessories that complement the main product line.
Photography Style Guide
Guidelines for brand photography that outline the style, mood, and composition of images used across all brand materials.
Copywriting Guide
Tone of voice and writing style guidelines to ensure consistent messaging across all platforms and materials.
Presentation Templates
Templates for internal and external presentations to ensure brand consistency even in business communications.

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